Interactive Maps for Gazet van Antwerpen
Design & Front-end Development

Interactive Maps for Gazet van Antwerpen

Gazet van Antwerpen and I worked together on a series of interactive map tools. These interactive maps enabled them to efficiently collect input on different mobility issues from thousands of readers.

Multiple issues, different approaches

For its long-term campaign on mobility in Antwerp, Gazet van Antwerpen wanted to survey their readers on different topics: where in Antwerp is cycling unsafe, what roads suffer from cut-through traffic, and how do public transport users perceive the quality of the stops and stations across Antwerp?

Although the main interface of the survey tool was designed to look very similar across the campaign, we decided do design a custom map for every survey.

Gva Mobile
To keep things clear, every map visualization was tailored to the subject.

With Vue.js as a front-end base, Mapbox and Google Firebase turned out to be a very performant combination for the heavy lifting. Even with large and complex data sets (more than 14.000 bus stops), we managed to keep the tool fast and lightweight. While visitors could highlight issues on a live map with a minimal of effort, the results could be processed in real time. Follow-up articles on the results were even mentioned in parliamentary debates, delivering on the premise of the campaign.

Simon listened carefully to our wishes, made clear what was feasible and how to visualize this project in the very best possible way. He is skilled and knows how to turn difficult briefings into simple results. He communicated transparently and delivered fast. Exactly what we were looking for.

Jonas Steyaert — Projects & Partnerships Manager